Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Do legs have to be shaved when getting a pedicure?

Right now they are a little bit prickly, and I want to get a pedicure today. I know they massage the legs so that's why I ask. Is that ok or should they be completely shaved? Do they mind? thanks.Do legs have to be shaved when getting a pedicure?
no they dont. and i suggest that you dont shave them. heres why, i dont knwo if your getting a spa pedicure, if you are then they will use scrubs and lotions and if you have just shaved your legs then this might burn a little bit. so i reccomend going prickly. it might be awkward because you'll be thinking omg she is feeling my hair legs. but believe me it happens all the time to the manicurist.

have fun at your pedicure.Do legs have to be shaved when getting a pedicure?
LOL. They don't mind and I'm speaking from experience on that. I dreaded the same thing. I hadn't shaved in awhile but I was also overdue for a pedicure so I went while I was out without shaving. Surprisingly, it was the best leg massage I've ever had. She spent like 20 minutes just on the leg massages. Now I had to get over being uncomfortable because I was embarrassed at first but once I saw she was over it, so was I.

Go for it!
I work at a salon, and I can honestly say, if you have good hygiene and are even semi-presentable, they could care less. They will usually rub your calf up to the knee, so if it makes you uncomfortable to be touched when you are not shaved, then you might want to. But those manicurists see so many people from all walks of life, they won't think a second about your unshaved legs.
haha i totally get how you feel. i found that it's nicer to shave your legs before you go because they won't say anything, but think about it- would you want to massage someone's legs when they are all sharp and prickly feeling? just do it out of consideration for them :)
You don't HAVE to, but it might be considerate to... it depends on how prickly they are.

After all, you're paying for it. If you don't feel like shaving your legs, by all means don't. They're touching feet all day anyways so I doubt they would care that much.
I shave my legs when I go get a pedicure because at the place where I go (or almost anywhere) they put lotion on your legs and rub it in and everything.

You don't have to, but you will feel less Self Conscious.
They touch your legs up to your knee. And it's not like they touch it for a second. They really rub your legs. I would shave them because I know for a fact that they are talking about your hairy legs to their co workers in vietnamese!
They shouldn't mind. It's not like they'll kick you out for having stubble. I get pedicures all the time without being totally smooth, and they don't seem to care.
i don't think that they'll care if your legs are prickly because they do like a million pedicures a year i'm sure they get all different kinds of people i'll bet they even do guys
erm if i was you i would but you dont have to

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